Travel management

Successful Business Travel Management Best Practices

We don’t have to tell you that business travel management is more than simply booking a flight and sending an itinerary. You must find the best value for your budget without sticking travelers on inconvenient routes.

On top of the flights, you must arrange accommodation with similar considerations. Then come all of the miscellaneous costs to keep track of. That’s not the least of the barriers to successful business travel management.

Travel leakage

Travel Program Leakage: How to Minimize it During COVID-19

Travel program leakage is a travel manager’s worst nightmare. Leakage happens when employees bypass your corporate travel program and book outside of your approved online booking tool (OBT) or travel management company (TMC). This affects your travel spend and prevents you from capturing important data. While travel leakage was always an issue, thanks to Covid-19, it is occurring more frequently than ever before.