Maximize Airfare Savings with

FareSaver Air Price Assurance

Leverage rate fluctuations and immediately tap into guaranteed savings across your air spend.

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Save big. Save smart.

Maximum Savings.
Zero Hassle.

Effortlessly seize savings to make your corporate travel budget last longer. FareSaver turns price drops into savings without you lifting a finger.

  • Trusted by amazing customers
  • Supported by extensive TMC partnerships
  • Delivering industry-leading savings 

Enjoy fully automated, highly customizable, and maximum savings. 

Boost travelers' confidence

Save Time. Improve efficiency.

After your travelers have found a flight within company policy, it is tough and time-consuming to monitor for price drops and rebook accordingly.

FareSaver Air Price Assurance automatically checks for lower fares and reissues cheaper like-for-like tickets.

Your traveler stays:

  • On the same flight
  • In the same cabin
  • In the same seat type
FareSaver Like-for-like
Give your travelers the confidence that the best fare will be booked for them - by FareSaver.
FareSaver Price Watch
Ultimate customization

Your rules & policies. Our technology.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Use default settings or tailor settings to your specific needs and rest assured that cheaper never becomes more expensive.

Get the price drops you want and make price assurance work for you, your program, and your travelers. 

With Oversee’s FareSaver, you have the experts in air price assurance on your team. Our technology automatically saves you time, money, and headaches, so you can focus on what’s important.

Full visibility

Intuitive dashboard & real-time data

Gain clear visibility into your savings program with FareSaver’s intuitive dashboard.

Track realized savings, identify top contributing countries and monitor savings percentages over time.

Export data within specified timeframes with our flexible data export feature.

FareSaver Data Export
Save Smarter. With Faresaver

Optimize your corporate travel spend with Oversee’s cutting-edge air price assurance solution. We boost your travel program with a traveler-first approach, guaranteed savings, and a fast and seamless integration.

Your travelers experience zero disruptions

FareSaver diligently tracks price drops for identical itineraries, guaranteeing your business travelers a seamless journey.

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Boost confidence in your travel program

Incorporating price assurance into your booking process instills greater confidence in your program, ensuring that travelers won’t shop elsewhere.

Keep your travel program in the black

We make each rebooking worthwhile by applying minimum net savings thresholds and factoring in penalties and transaction fees.

Fast Integartion
Seamless integration, secure and simple

Get up and running in days, not months. Our seamless integration with your systems and TMC ensures an easy rollout and keeps your data secure.

Collaborating with our Partners for Your Success

See FareSaver in action.
Get a personalized demo!

Our solutions experts are here to listen and share how your peers leverage FareSaver to secure savings from fare volatility. 

Let us show you how we can support you, your company, and your travelers.