Iron Mountain achieves an average savings of $500 for each flight rebooked through Oversee

The Challenge: Travel Savings Aligned with Company Goals and Travel Policies

Like no other space, information management got radically impacted by digital transformation. Positioning Iron Mountain for the future, the company invested heavily in new and expanded business areas, from global data center expansions to IT asset destruction services.

During huge investments and acquisitions, running a cost-effective travel program became especially important for Elaine Holmes, Senior Category Manager at Iron Mountain.

Staying focused and in control with air spend optimization

With eight years under her belt at Iron Mountain, Holmes is responsible for several categories and knows that staying focused and in control is essential. With air travel claiming a substantial portion of the annual travel budget, Holmes directed her efforts toward reducing air spend. She sought an innovative solution that guaranteed savings but didn’t compromise the traveler experience.

“We are always looking for savings, but not at any cost. Any achieved saving must not impact the travel experience, bring any disruption to travelers or our business dealings, and certainly should not derail our work as managers,” emphasized Elaine Holmes.

The Results

Iron Mountain chose FareSaver, Oversee’s advanced air price assurance technology, to ensure that the company and road warriors get the best prices for flights. As a result, Iron Mountain enjoyed savings on one out of ten bookings monitored by Oversee and realized an average savings of $500 per rebooked flight!

"Kudos to Oversee and their customer success team! We got exactly what we signed up for. Savings without any strain on our processes and travelers."
Elaine Holmes
Senior Category Manager at Iron Mountain

Beyond Savings: Hassle-free Implementation and Outstanding Customer Success Management

Thanks to Oversee’s expertise and exceptional relations with TMCs, the implementation and onboarding of Iron Mountain was quick and entirely hassle-free. And from the get-go, Oversee’s customer success team excelled in translating Iron Mountain’s travel policy to search and rebook criteria. From that moment on, savings were made without any work for Iron Mountain.

When renewing the contract with Oversee, Holmes commented, “Oversee and its automated savings give me the confidence that I have found an excellent solution to generate savings that otherwise would be money left on the table. And the best part is that our business travelers have complete peace of mind, allowing them to concentrate on their business meetings and not on chasing cheaper flights.”

"Other programs we have implemented in the past have required us to build additions into our systems. But not with Oversee. The implementation was seamless, with almost no involvement required from my side, and we miraculously started saving money. We absolutely love the tool. It's basically free savings and rediscovered money. So worth it in terms of budget!"
Elaine Holmes
Senior Category Manager at Iron Mountain

Travel Spend Optimization by Oversee:

Oversee’s Travel Spend Optimization is a comprehensive platform designed to help companies and business travel managers get the most out of their travel programs and budget. We ensure our customers effortlessly save on travel and maximize the return on investment with our non-disruptive, streamlined, and automated price assurance and program optimization insights. Our always-on search technology with a truly global and holistic reach turns airfare and hotel rate volatility into savings. At the same time, our travel data analytics delivers reports and insights for further travel spend optimization.

About Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM) is a global business dedicated to storing, protecting, and managing information and assets. From critical business information and geological samples to works of fine art, customers rely on Iron Mountain to protect what they value and help unlock its potential.

Travel at Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain’s comprehensive travel program ensures employees effectively serve the needs of their global customers.

Applied Solution

FareSaver Air Price Assurance

In 1 out of 10 tickets, Oversee found lower prices and realized average savings of $500 per rebooking.

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