TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – 24 February 2020 – FairFly, the leading travel data insights, and airfare price assurance provider, today announces the release of enhanced insights and analytics on the platform. For the first time travel managers globally have granular data and actionable insights to augment their travel program beyond that available from their contracted Travel Management Company.

Proprietary data sourcing and machine learning mean that these new modules deliver a new layer of detailed insights into travel programs. Travel managers for the first time will be able to see the road not traveled, gauge the impact of policy decisions and convert actionable insights into actionable change.

According to research by EyeforTravel, nearly two-thirds (64.4%) of travel managers are unable to use their data to build prescriptive analytics which facilitates strategic decision-making.

FairFly’s unique position at the data intersection between corporations, TMCs, and GDSs has delivered the first in a series of releases that address the challenges of travel managers.

Travel managers are now able to enter airline negotiations with real-life negotiated fare data, validate advance purchase policies and adapt according to pricing for their commonly flown routes, testing whether the lowest logical fares are actually the lowest once cancellations and changes are factored in.

Responding to the needs of corporate travel managers and through ongoing collaboration with existing partners, FairFly’s unique access to billions of data points has created an opportunity to highlight invisible data and make it visible, addressing issues once thought impossible.

For example, with FairFly, travel managers can now discover at-a-glance how frequently discounted fares were available and, if they were, whether were they booked by their TMC.

“Data is what we do – it’s in our DNA. We’ve listened to the industry to understand what matters most to them, and we are in a unique position to provide a solution. We aim to make their lives easier and help highlight potential blind spots” said Aviel Siman-Tov, CEO and Co-founder at FairFly. “Our mission is to continue to innovate and change the face of the industry through the advancement of data-driven and actionable insights.”

Additional modules included on the FairFly platform will continue to be added and developed in response to the needs of the industry.