FairFly Rebrands to Oversee

FairFly Adopts a Fresh Identity: Oversee Emerges

We’re thrilled to announce that FairFly is embarking on a new journey with a new name and look.

Changing a company’s name and look is a big decision, not one we’ve taken lightly. But with the growth and expansion of our offerings, we wanted a bold new name that would fully reflect our values, mission, and vision for the future.

We couldn't be more excited to introduce our new name: Oversee.

Oversee perfectly captures our dedication to empowering our customers. We’re committed to furnishing corporate travel managers with data-driven insights, visibility into travel programs and supplier performance, and oversight that translates into optimized outcomes and industry-leading savings. 

Oversee also reflects our best-in-breed software for travel agencies, TMCs, and OTAs to optimize their business processes and outcomes with AI-powered automation.

While our name has changed, our principles have not.

As FairFly, we earned the trust of our customers and partners, as well as industry-wide recognition and accolades. “FairFly” foregrounded our commitment to fairness by ensuring companies and travel managers didn’t overpay. Fairness is deeply rooted in our company DNA and will continue to direct how we do business as Oversee.

As always, we will excel in achieving advantages for all: The success of our customers and partners is our success.

We are embarking on this exciting new journey with gratitude and confidence.

We thank our customers and partners from the bottom of our hearts for their continued support as we embark on this exciting new journey. We’re confident that this rebranding will help us serve our current customers better than ever before, as well as enable new customers to reap easier the benefits that Oversee solutions offer.

Whatever name, it would mean nothing without this team.

Last but not least, my thanks go to every member of our remarkable team for their dedication and incredible efforts that have led us to this resounding success. You are the driving force behind our achievements, and your go-getter attitude, open-mindedness, and determination propelled us forward.

I couldn’t be prouder to have such a talented group of individuals enthusiastically embracing challenges. Together, we’ve overcome hurdles, celebrated triumphs, and fostered a culture of growth and innovation that sets us apart.

Team, we only wrote the first chapter, the next chapter promises even greater achievements and success.

Thank you - valued customers, partners, and team - for participating in our journey!

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We've rebranded
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