Oversee’s Price Assurance Delivers 3.7% Savings on Airfare Travel Spend for Bechtel

The Challenge: To harness price assurance technology for a global enterprise with offices worldwide

With projects in progress across the globe and 20 offices worldwide, Bechtel’s travel program is extensive. The engineering firm went on the hunt for cutting-edge technology that guaranteed automated savings but with no disruption to their worldwide travelers.

Bechtel chose Oversee’s price assurance solution – FareSaver. Not only were they able to gain transparency in tracking airline suppliers’ performance, but they also optimized their travel program with substantial savings on airfares and like-for-like rebookings.

Flawless Implementation

Oversee’s air price assurance technology was integrated across multiple TMCs to secure the lowest fares globally with a seamless rebooking process to avoid disruptions for their travelers.

“I have many vendors I deal with and its not often that I feel confident in data the way I do with Oversee. I am able to share the data with my C-level team with ease, and they are able to clearly understand the Oversee value.”
David Weaver, Bechtel
David Weaver
Manager of Global Travel Procurement

Our Results

With Oversee in play, Bechtel achieved an additional 3.7% airfare savings on its total air spend. Project-related travel costs and reimbursable costs to Bechtel customers were also measurably reduced, thereby increasing Bechtel’s competitive advantage.

About Bechtel

Bechtel helps customers deliver modern marvels of engineering and construction that grow economies, improve the world’s infrastructure, expand access to energy and make the earth safer, cleaner, and more sustainable. 

Travel at Bechtel

The 122-year-old company has worked in 160 countries, and with active projects on multiple continents at any given time, Bechtel requires a comprehensive global travel management program.

Solution Applied

FareSaver, Air Price Assurance.

using Oversee’s Price Assurance
and Travel Data Analytics

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