Cabin Class Compliance

Cabin Class Compliance is a policy that states which the highest permitted air travel class employees may book when traveling on company business.

Historically, travel policies have discriminated between cabin classes by seniority affording those that have a higher standing within the company to benefit from perks such as business class. The length of time in the air has increasingly become a factor. Many policies now enable all travelers spending more than 8, 6, or even 4 hours in the air to book higher-quality cabin classes.

Road warriors who frequently travel for business are also often afforded more generous rules when booking air trips.
There have been moves to tie the importance and ROI of a trip to the quality of travel. Necessary sales trips or face-to-face negotiations requiring employees to be ‘on the top of their game’ can be booked in higher travel classes.

As traveler well-being becomes an ever more critical issue, some companies are considering higher classes of travel across the board to improve their employee retention rates, reduce mental-health complications, and show a higher duty of care than has historically been afforded.