Travel management

Successful Business Travel Management Best Practices

We don’t have to tell you that business travel management is more than simply booking a flight and sending an itinerary. You must find the best value for your budget without sticking travelers on inconvenient routes.

On top of the flights, you must arrange accommodation with similar considerations. Then come all of the miscellaneous costs to keep track of. That’s not the least of the barriers to successful business travel management.

2022 trends in business travel

Taking a Look at Business Travel Trends for 2022

Even during the pandemic, business travel has remained present. Yes, the pandemic increased the use of technology and video for meetings that don’t require an in-person presence. However, it also proved that many things still need those in-person interactions. To help you map out your company’s future travel plans, we’ve listed the travel trends in …

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Why video will not replace corporate travel

Why Video Will Not Replace Corporate Travel

During the pandemic, many businesses turned to Zoom (or a similar tool) as a replacement for corporate travel. Now that the world is opening back up again, travel is once again a possibility – and this leads to many companies wondering whether Zoom is a feasible replacement for corporate travel for the long term.

The four travel tracking tools you need to be using

The 4 Travel Tracking Tools You NEED to Be Using

The world of travel is constantly changing. From fluctuating prices to changing travel restrictions, travel tracking has become crucial. It is not enough to just track the prices to get the best deal. It is also crucial to track which flights are typically on time versus those that are delayed, especially for business travelers. In the current climate, you also have to track testing and quarantine requirements.

travel vax

COVID-19: The Vax/Travel Quagmire

Companies that rely on business travel have dramatically changed their strategies and plans during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the risks. With vaccination efforts well underway, air travel is starting to return to a new normal.
However there are ongoing complicated discussions about whether businesses can require employees to get the vaccine. This issue is even more critical for corporate travel.